45 Quart Cutting Board Cooler Divider


  • Durable
  • Stay organized
  • Use as a cooler divider for ice/food
  • Easy clean-up and storage

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DEWALT 45QT Cutting Board Cooler Divider

DEWALT Cutting Board Cooler Divider doubles as food organizer and cutting board. Forget choosing between packing warm or cold items. This cutting board serves as a cooler divider so you can enjoy sandwiches right next to ice cold beverages. Simply insert it lengthwise down the middle of your cooler. To remove, grip the convenient cut-out handle and pull out for easy cleaning. The practical design is perfect for organizing and safely securing cooler contents during transportation. Durable antibacterial polyethylene plastic is built to support the same pressure as your kitchen cutting board at home. Measures 11.5” x 10”. Available for 65Qt and 45Qt coolers only. Expand the versatility of your cooler with a DEWALT Cutting Board Cooler Divider.

  • Dimensions: 5” x 10”
  • Product Number: DXC45QTCB


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